Crochet Makes My Day!!

Today I just want to say I am thankful I love to crochet!!!  It brings me joy to create new projects and patterns and most of all great friends I have made along my crochet path!!  How about you,, Do you love to crochet?  What joy has it brought into your life??

Love to Crochet





19 comments on “Crochet Makes My Day!!

  1. I definitely agree with you on the creativity and designing part but something that has been a total surprise has been the friendships that have been created. What an added bonus!

  2. I love picking out the yarn colors and blending them together to make a master piece. It is relaxing and rewarding when the requested item is finished and our grand-daughters continue to ask this grandma for one more thing. Love those kids and love the fact that they enjoy their hats, scarfs, afghans and little creatures they find for me to make.

  3. I like to crochet, but I really have issues, even though I have crocheted for probably 30 years.
    If I don’t have a pattern, and know how many of whatever stitch I am working on, my rows do not come out even. If it says to crochet to end of row, I never come out in the right place, meaning, I have too many, or too less of stitches.
    I have started ripping out rounds on my CAL afghan, somewhere, I keep picking up stitches. As it does not tell me the number of stitches I should have on each round. It says to do whatever the stitch is to end of row, which is what I think I am doing, but then it says have even number of cross stitches/puffs, and I come up with the wrong number, and have to rip the whole row out, and figure which stitch I should start my new row in, and which row I should end my row on, even if it looks like I have to skip a stitch or two.
    Guess I’m just not too bright when it comes to crocheting.
    I am also working on a lacey knitted shawl. I have been working on it since last fall, it took me a while to “catch” on to the pattern, kind of like a fan pattern, but now I can pick it up, check to see what row I should do next, and keep on knitting. Of course, I have to count my pattern stitches each time, to make sure I have not lost a stitch some where.
    I really enjoy the emails from Beatrice, and her facebook page.
    Hope everyone has a great day/night.

    • Judy, Most of us crocheters have had issues with stitch count and end/beginning of the row stitches.. It is one of the hardest parts of learning crochet!

      For the CAL, I would suggest you write down how many stitches you have on each side before moving on to the next row… Each side of the new row should only increase 2-6 stitches depending on what we are doing in the row. By writing down your count, you can double check when you complete each row and avoid having to go back and rip out several rows. This may also help you recognize where you are off and how to find the correct stitch to start in and end in…

      Sounds like you are busy with all of your projects!!! What fun!!

  4. I love to crochet so much! I have meant some super fun and very talented people along the way, and one of those people would be Rhondda of Oombawka Design. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know her, you missing out. Very nice and most helpful to all. I recently took up crochet flowers and have them everywhere it seems, and have so many other projects lined up to crochet…and feel there is never enough time in my day to just crochet! Sandy

  5. I was taught to crochet by a 90 year old lade named Mrs. Brewer when I was about 1958…She cared for my brothers and me one day and probably began teaching me crochet to keep me still! lol. The other thing she taught me was how to properly iron a man’s shirt, giving special attention to the collar and cuffs! I kept up with the crochet over the years but it is only now that I am retired that I have truly become “hooked”. My first project for someone other than my family was your beautiful Amazing Grace hat, which I made and gave to a dear friend who is triumphing over breast cancer but is in chemo now. What a blessing to see her eyes light up! She’d only had scarves to that point! More recently, I crocheted hats for all of my husband’s department at work in thanks for their generosity to us when he underwent triple by-pass surgery in December 2012. They love them and wear them daily (Garden Center of Home Depot). Yes, I would say that crochet has become a joyful thing for me. And I am especially thankful to you designers who share your talent with us through beautiful patterns!

  6. For me, Crochet is my best hobby, i love it.!!!

  7. I LOVE to crochet! I was taught by my grandmother when I was 8, but I really didn’t use it much until I became pregnant with my 4th child and had to be in bed with most of the pregnancy. I took up a hook and yarn and have been at it since. That baby is now 11 :). I use crocheting as a meditation too….it calms me in times of stress, and keeps my mind off of pain. I would love to learn how to read charts….other than that I will continue to crochet till I drop 😀

  8. I love to crochet! It takes my mind off of stressful things for awhile. I’m blessed to have “met” so many wonderful people in some wonderful Facebook groups that I would have never met otherwise. I’ve been able to touch the lives of others in need with items I’ve made with love.

  9. I became reaquainted with crochet last year when a group of ladies began meeting at a local church. A lady who is very good at crochet was teaching and I went back to brush up. I learned years ago by my grandmother and aunt. The class started making scarves and such and I only knew two of the ladies in the 10+ member group. Since then I have learned a lot that I did not know from before and made many new friends. My co-worker was the one that invited me and we crochet together at work and shop for yarn together. I found your blog/site while looking for patterns and have loved watching all of your posts. The CAL looks great and I actually began the blanket. I tweaked it to 6 squares and made it smaller for a lap blanket for my step mother who had major hip surgery recently. I mailed it yesterday to her and hope she likes it. I may try again to do the big project and will share pics with you. I can send the pic of my smaller project if you would like. Thanks for all of the great tips and tricks and patterns.

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